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The Leading Installers and Manufacturers Based on the Costa Blanca, Spain

We have been Installing Shade Sails for fifteen years to the whole of Spain and have quite literally 100’s of satisfied customers, you can see our main Gallery here. Coolashade Shade Sails were the first company to install Shade Sails on the Costa Blanca and due to their popularity the company has expanded into other areas of Spain and Europe. Coolashade Shade Sails are the only Specialist Shade Sail manufacturers based in the Costa Blanca and we are constantly updating our machinery and technology’s to give our customers the very best in Shade Sail manufacturing and installation.

Every Shade Sail installation by Coolashade is guaranteed and the material we use is also warranted for 10 years against UV damage. Coolashade Shade Sails also offer an exclusive 3D design service so our customers can see what their Shade Sail installation will look like before the installation takes place. Coolashade also keep standard posts and fittings in stock to give our customers the guarantee that once ordered the installation is undertaken quickly and with minimum disruption. If you require more information about the products and services that Coolashade Shade Sails offer please have a look at our main websites: in English or for Spanish. These will open in a new window for easy navigation back to this page.

What is a SHADE SAIL?

Coolashade Shade Sails are manufactured using a material called High Density Polyethylene that has been developed in Australia for providing shade with tensile structures. It has been developed over approximately 20 years and due to the high quality is very hard wearing and protected from the suns harmfull UV rays.

This material is knitted together to form large rolls and is very strong and will not tear even if subject to harsh weather conditions. Coolashade Shade Sails buy our rolls of material direct from the manufacturer and make the Shade Sails in Spain using our own state of the art sail loft and machinery.

Coolashade Shade Sails are available in 16 different colours which are in stock at all times. Coolashade Shade Sails are manufactured using the same technologies that are used for sea going yachts, right down to the threads used to sew the sail together. All Coolashade Shade Sails have a Stainless Steel cable in the perimeter to give a sturdy and secure installation under tension even in the strongest of winds.
Shade Sails always have a curved edge, this helps to transfer the tension from the corner into the whole of the Shade Sail. This means that you can be assured that your installation will not flap or look scruffy after many years of usage. For more information about Shade Sails please go to our main website in English.

Where can you use a SHADE SAIL?

The answer to the question “Where can I use a Shade Sail in Spain” is quite simple…a Coolashade Shade Sail can be installed practically anywhere and be used to give a cool shady area for many different areas. Coolashade Shade Sails have been used for dining areas, roof terraces, swimming pools, animal enclosures, children’s play areas, BBQ areas and above outside kitchens, car parking areas at your home and they are the best way to create the perfect outside chill area with added coolness.

Shade Sails will also add value to your home in Spain, they are a positive addition to any area and will not age or look dated.

Coolashade Shade Sails in Spain are growing in popularity due partly to the fact that they can cover large areas with minimum fixings which means that you do not have to have cumbersome structures taking up your precious space. They are also designed to withstand the worst weather conditions that are experienced here in Spain.

Coolashade Shade Sails will advise you of the best solution for your requirements and can also supply you with a 3D design drawing of your proposed installation, giving you the advantage of seeing what it will look like before and after the work has been done. This is perfect if you are not at your property during the installation. If you have any more questions please look at our questions and answers page in English.

Shade Sail Installation

Coolashade Shade Sails will we take care of everything when installing a Shade Sail in Spain.

We start with the design, making sure that your completed installation is practical and also attractive. We also make sure that your area gains the maximum shade with the space available.

We will then undertake a small survey to make sure that the fixing points are strong and not going to affect any services that may be underground where we may have to install posts. We can also attach fixings to existing walls (subject to survey) using the latest Epoxy Resin chemical fixings.

The specification of the finished installation is then discussed to ascertain what type of posts are needed and also what finish they will be, we can install Galvanised or Stainless Steel posts and fittings.

Normally at this point a quotation will be sent by email, the quotation will cover all aspects of the installation and will list every item that has been allowed for. This gives our clients piece of mind that they are being quoted for what they actually require.

When the Coolashade installation team arrive at your property to start the Shade Sail installation we will again discuss the positioning and areas where the posts are to be fitted, this gives our customers a chance to alter any aspect of the installation before starting. We will then start by creating the fixing points and once these have been done we will take the measurements so that the purpose made Coolashade can be manufactured to the exact dimensions. Once the Coolashade is made, normally within 1 week, we will return to install and tension the Shade Sail using marine quality shackles and tensioners.

Before leaving your property we make sure that all areas are clean and tidy and repairs to tiled floors are complete and match with the existing.

If you would like to receive a visit to discuss your requirements and have a quotation please use the form below to contact our sales team in your area.

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